We first developed ZoneMaintenance® in 2006 for a owner miner looking to change the way they perform their operations for the massive mine expansion project. We were heavily involved with the pre feasibility study and were engaged to implement the new strategy. One of the key objects was to reduce the PM Servicing times.

As it was a new fleet of Cat 789C's going into operation, we identified that there will be 20-30mins per shift for refuelling and inspection. The idea was then to utilise this time as much as we could. The vision was to perform part servicing during this refuelling time. A pit stop as such. This was going to require a well structured, repeatable servicing process.

When we reviewed the current service practice, it showed that it was far from suitable for this strategy. A model was devise where we broken the truck into smaller area or zones where we can focus a small team to work in and on during the refuelling process.

From this, ZoneMaintenance® was developed as a process to perform the service in a structured flowing method. When applied during the first trial program, we were amazed at the results. 33% reduction is service time without including the refuelling time.

When we applied the refuelling process at the same time, the guys were able to complete the 250hr services without any additional downtime, other than the expected refuelling times. At this point we realised that there was something in this and from our understanding, it had never been achieved before. The larger services still incurred some downtime but approx. 85% of the service time was carried out during the refuelling period.

In 2009, we implemented ZoneMaintenance® to our first underground operation. They didn't have the refuelling facility but we were able to achieve 30-50% reduction in their servicing times through process improvement and waste elimination. 2010 we started another company called ZMi P/L who became the primary marketing and implementer of ZoneMaintenance® within Australia and Overseas.

Since then ZMI has been fulltime implementing ZoneMaintenance® to large mining companies all around Australia, China and PNG. In 2015 the mobility based software was commercially available and introduced.

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Caterpillar 789C Truck assembly project

As part of a major iron ore mine expansion project, we were commissioned to assemble 13 brand new Cat 789C's trucks, on site, in 3 months.

This was a massive project, performed by a skilled team to project manage and assemble 3-4 trucks at once. Each truck was broken down into smaller transportable chunks, direct from the factory.

The project went safely, under budget and within the allocated time.

Cat 789C Truck Assembly

Workshop Design

EMI was assigned to lead the project to design the drive through refuelling facility, main workshop and offices for a large mining company.

This was a major project requiring detailed understanding of clients work scope and vision. Pitt and Sherry from Launceston was assigned the project designers. As a team we all worked well to deliver on the clients expectations.


Reliability Centre

Reliability Centre

Caterpillar r2900G Maintenance strategy

A large tier one Australian gold mining company purchased a fleet of Cat R2900G LHD boggers for their underground mine. EMI was commissioned to act on behalf of the client during the maintenance strategy development project with the Caterpillar Dealer and Caterpillar Underground.

The focus was to develop a clear and effective maintenance strategy to suit the clients mining and maintenance practices, systems and infrastructure.

Cat R2900G

Cat R2900G